How to Care for Your Furbiture Tail Collection
Congratulations you have a Furbiture Tail!

How do you keep all that bounce and fluff happy?
Simple - Keep your Furbiture Tail . . .

High, Dry and Well Hung!

Well it is a tail after all. So lets break it down.

Storing Your Tail

  1. Do not store your Furbiture Tail attached to any other item.
  2. When not wearing your Furbiture Tail place tail loop over a coat hanger and store hanging at standard room temperature. A closet would be nice. Do not store in your Furbiture Tail in your car. Excessive heat or cold is not recommended.

Dirty Tail?

  1. If your Furbiture Tail gets dirty. ie: cola, cheese doodles? Your Furbiture Tail can be washed.
    We recommend placing a small amount of Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo on the effected area. Massage into dirty area. Rinse using a light water spray from shower or sink. If possible do not soak the entire tail. This will greatly increase the drying time. (Read Wet Tail?).
  2. If your Furbiture Tail is exposed to grease. Use a small amount of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent. Dawn is more difficult to rinse out as it is very concentrated. Always try baby shampoo, before trying Dawn.

Wet Tail?

  1. What do I do if my tail gets wet? First determine . . . Was this rain? Or did I go swimming?
    Relax, this is real fur; it can handle water. If the tail is dripping - squeese out excess water. A saturated tail will take longer to dry than a wet tail. Tails can easily be blown dry. Get your handy dandy blow dryer. Use a low or medium temperature to dry tail. Never, never, never place a Furbiture Tail in a clothes dryer or microwave. Follow this rule: If I would not do this to my head or my cat; I should not do this to my Furbiture Tail.


  1. Please remember to never feed your Furbiture Tail after midnight.